Social Network Marketing – Facebook

Network Marketing on FaceBook

Network Marketing on FaceBook

Social networking marketing is the current hot new approach to market your products using the development of social media costs few years. The power of social media as a marketing tool could be demonstrated by the fact that Facebook alone has recently announced that it has registered its 500,000,000 member. The stark reality for internet marketers is that now half a billion people worldwide will have a Facebook account. Twitter adjusted from a little over 8 million members worldwide into a staggering 80million in just over a year. All of these users are potential purchases of one’s products. The internet marketer who simply buries his head inside the sand and ignores this facts is fairly simply condemning his web business to the marketing graveyard.

The goal of this article is to highlight that as an alternative to ignoring social media marketing as a flash in the pan fad that can quickly fade and die that this truly intrepid internet marketer should embrace the difficulties and new opportunities that it will bring. Social network marketing is now an important part of current web marketing strategy and provided you act in a ethical way it can be utilized for the benefit of both you and your Business. Social network marketing are listed both you and your business within a competitive advantage over others in the same niche who haven’t grasped the need for following a social marketing strategy. In comparison with forum marketing where the generally accepted advice seems to be to limit your contributions to people which make an interesting point of contribute to the discussion already occurring; social network marketing is the opposite and you can share an entirely variety of information which will help you greatly in developing your online presence and also the goods that you are promoting.

Network marketing facebook 

An illustration of this is Facebook which helps you to set up a Facebook fan page for the niche or product which you are hoping to promote. As an example suppose that you had something that helped to develop “6 Pack Abs”, a really hot niche at this time. It is very easy to set up a Fan page for “6 Pack Abs” on Facebook and add content quickly for example by using an application including Twitterfeed to feed a direct news link on every aspect of developing “6 Pack Abs” onto this article. Facebook also enables you to link both videos and blogs for your Fan page. You can also try this with other social networking sites for example MySpace, but the great advantage of Facebook is is very much so hardwired into both Google and plenty of the Twitter support sites that the possibilities are considerably greater with Facebook. You must learn that when you post something upon these websites that it is permanent. You need to ensure that the information is disseminated. You do not need information permanently posted to harm your professional reputation.

After you have set up your Fan page it is possible to obtain a great number of fans of the page quite quickly. You can do this by initially asking all your contacts to become a fan of the page and to encourage then to have their own contacts to also become fans with the page. Within a very short period of time the viral nature on this will mean that you will have hundreds, if not thousands of fans, all of whom are potential prospects for your product. Seo on steroids!!!

Facebook also provides a virtually unparalleled ability to target products to precise individuals via its’ ads. You are able to target in on sex, location and interests in a fashion that no other marketing model offers so that you are able to get real good value for your pay-per-click advertising campaign rather than scattergun approach you get with Adwords.

I hope that these thoughts have struck a chord along and if you haven’t already investigated the number of choices offered by social network marketing that you just do a little bit of research. In further articles I strive to look at the opportunities presented by other social networks such as Twitter, Squidoo and more.

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